What inspired you to start Clean Slate?

When I was a teenager I started making natural soaps as a means of treating my own eczema. After pursuing my studies in aromatherapy, cosmetic chemistry and herbal medicine to broaden my knowledge; an opportunity presented itself for me to make soap my life; instead of my hobby. What continues to drive me is the customer feedback; that my products are making a difference, that people are finding these natural alternatives incredibly effective.

Where does your product inspiration come from?

My environment. The changes of seasons, the natural environment surrounding me and the unique flora and fauna I find while travelling. My camera is always full of photos and my car is always full of plant clippings!

What makes Clean Slate different to other skincare products?

Clean Slate educates it’s customers; having everything made by hand on site means that there is total transparency between the customer and us. The products that we offer are simple, purposeful and honest; a real point of differentiation as people are becoming more inquisitive about what they buy, who they buy it from and where it came.

What do you love about being part of the State Buildings?

The restoration of the site is so perfectly balanced; the acknowledgement of the history and past of the building with the beautiful simplicity of modern architectural influences. Clean Slate is so at home here; the community is so supportive and the store simply feels like an extension of the brand.

What can we expect from Clean Slate this year? Any new exciting products?

I am currently formulating a lip balm and some moisturisers; and experimenting with some really interesting and unique candle scents. My ultimate plan is to manufacture an entire range of skin care and beauty products; but it takes time.

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