How did you get into Yoga?

I started practicing when I was really young. My mum introduced me to yoga as I used to suffer a lot from stress and anxiety. Since then, I have always found solace in the teachings of yoga as a means of coping with significant life changing events.

The teaching part came much later. I was working in the corporate world as an event manager and found myself becoming very frustrated with the repetitive and mundane nature of my days. I felt I wasn’t living to my truth (dharma). I didn’t feel authentic in my line of work and it wasn’t until I quit my job and left my boyfriend to move to Africa, that the calling to teach Yoga really came through.

What do you love about Yoga and how has it shaped you?

Yoga is the most empowering, liberating and beautiful gift I have ever received. It has given me the freedom and permission to work out and understand who I am and where I want to be. The teachings of Yoga have completely changed my life. It has given me the most incredible gift to support, love and comfort myself in every situation I am in.

What is your approach to wellness? 

BALANCE! I am a big believer in not placing restrictions on ourselves, but instead listening to what our body needs. For me, that means not having a restricted diet or lifestyle but instead understanding my limits and the effects certain activities, foods and people have on my being.

I do live a lot of my day-to-day lifestyle based on ayurvedic science. I tend to adjust my lifestyle patterns and behaviours to suit my dosha type. Therefore, there are certain things that I tend not to do or eat purely because of the effect it has on my body, mind and spirit.

What is your vision for COMO Shambhala Urban Escape? 

My vision is to provide the heartbeat of personal wellbeing in the Perth CBD. I will provide experts who will help clients to proactively improve and sustain good health by combining both Western and Eastern wellness traditions. It’s the access to both that I believe empowers the individual to make the right choice for their body and spirit.

What makes COMO Shambhala Urban Escape unique?

COMO Shambhala Urban Escape is not another yoga studio, gym or fitness centre. It is a space that combines the mental and physical practices to cater for every single person who walks through the door. People will walk out of COMO Shambhala empowered and equipped with the tools for them to live their own individual wellness philosophy. I am so fortunate to have a wonderful team of teachers to help me do that!

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