Following on from last year’s YELLO Festival sell-out, From Pantera to Pavarotti, Emma Farrelly joins partner in wine and song pairings, Ali Bodycoat, to reel in the years with their latest release, Steely Whites and Steely Dan.

For fans of this iconic 70s get up – The Dan drove a dominant multi-decade of rock ‘n’ roll royalty, that can only inspire the greatest partnership with those crisp, bright and steely white wines. Imagine a match of Pretzel Logic to Picpoul, Muscadet to Hey Nineteen and Do It Again with a salaciously saline Chablis.

This is a night to challenge your liquid-mineral definitions and let the music drive the Dirty Work…..somebody has to!

Please note: They can only cater to a gluten-free and vegetarian dietary requirement at this event. Please make this request when securing your booking.

Steely Whites and Steely Dan 2

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