Explore Perth’s historic heart with WA artist Jennifer Cochrane showcasing her engaging 2-D installations across the Square.

Presented in conjunction with Art Collective WA, Jennifer’s large-scale tape work will come to life throughout Cathedral Square across November.

An extension of her latest exhibition, Impossible Shadows, elements are stretched and warped throughout the Square to create striking forms of colour in a space where old and new architecture, shadows and reflections converge.

Her practice stems from a strong history of object-based art, always approached with the intention to pursue a simplicity of form and a desire to create works with an appreciation of less is more. 

‘Impossible Shadows’ was borne from Jennifer’s time in Basel, Switzerland where she created installations that explored shadows. Beginning as site-specific tape installations, the shadows became abstracted marks removed from their original context and the form that created them. They no longer represent a specific moment in time intrinsically linked to light, form, and point of view.

Live from 19 October, take a visit to Cathedral Square to explore her 2-D tape work series.

For further information on Jennifer’s works visit https://artcollectivewa.com.au/artists/jennifer-cochrane/. 


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