Follow us on a journey through ‘Makuru’; one of the six seasons of the Nyoongar seasonal calendar spanning from June to July.


30 June to 8 July

As the winter approaches tribes begin moving from the coast inland. The rains begin and on the rare occasion, snow can be seen on the Stirling ranges.


9 July to 15 July

Comfort is found around the campfire, signifying togetherness and beauty. As the cold nights of winter encroach small fires burn day and night to maintain warmth.


16 July to 22 July

The sun starts to beam a little longer and the flowers begin to bloom. Winter has ended and spring has sprung, with colour popping up against the red earth.


23 July to 29 July

As the season comes to an end we reflect on natures simplest pleasures – the changing of the season and its beautiful impact on the traditional owners of the land.


Open daily/nightly  – 30 June – 29 July

Image credit IG/ @chia5

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