Cathedral Square would like to introduce Phoebe and Olivia, Directors from Heartbeat High – a downtown, contemporary Pilates Studio in the heart of Perth CBD. 

Prior to COVID-19, Cathedral Square offered complimentary Pilates classes every week, with our focus on supporting a positive wellbeing amongst our audiences. Although Pilates on the Lawn has been placed on hold, we have continued to work with partners and suppliers to deliver an exciting initiative that will launch on Instagram and Facebook very soon.

In the meantime, we would like to introduce the incredible ladies behind the studio, Phoebe and Liv, to share how they have adapted during self-isolation.

With Heartbeat High, Phoebe and Liv focus on experience, connecting the present mind with the physical body. They make exercise a pleasure not a chore, challenging bodies and changing lives. Starting 2 years ago born from a Pilates passion, the girls have never looked back. Their high energy and modern approach to Pilates has all their clients wanting more. 

How do you stay positive and motivated during this time?

Staying positive has kept our Heartbeats High! Since closing the doors on our physical studio, we’ve found creative ways to stay connected and motivated. Online interacting with our much-loved clients has been an adjustment but ultimately rewarding and refreshing experience. It’s a way to keep ourselves and our clients moving daily and maintain a positive headspace. Also simple things like walking the dog, listening to a podcast or finally reading that 2yr old book – definitely helps drive a positive mindset! We’ve also enjoyed trying international virtual classes from studios based all over the world for Pilates inspiration and fun.”

Maintaining a healthy wellbeing during this challenging period can be difficult, how do the girls at HBH do it?

“Keeping a routine that’s achievable will create normality and familiarity in your day. Exercise daily, or move in some way hourly, to refresh your body and mind. Eat nutritious, wholesome food to help fuel energy and drink enough water to stay hydrated and keep a clear mind. I’ve upped my water intake by pre-filling a daily jug in the fridge #lifehack. Also, remember not to be too hard on yourself if you do steer a little off course. I have rediscovered my love for cookies and I’m not mad about it! This is a time for adaptability and change, and that’s ok!”

How have Heartbeat High had to adapt in response to the pandemic?

“Since closing in March, we’ve worked tirelessly to create an online platform where our local clients and global followers could log in and partake in our signature HBH classes. It’s like the Pilates version of Netflix! Heartbeat High TV streams Mattitude, Bump n Grind, Sweat City, TLC & short targeted classes to your own personal device – watch them whenever and wherever!”

Phoebe and Liv, what gives you hope for the future?

“We will always have hope! The way the Australian and West Australian community in particular has banded together to fight this worldwide pandemic is unbelievable. That sense of humanity definitely gives us hope. The manner in which the world has stopped and listened, and the way the fitness community has adapted to suit the #stayathome model, is fantastic. It really shows that we can handle anything thrown at us.”


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